[Student Table Recipe Encyclopedia]_Youth_How to Eat

It is said that the most important thing for students is to read books, but there is one thing that is also very important, that is, physical health, and only a healthy body can complete other things.

Many children have been studying at a boarding school since childhood. In order to help students develop a balanced body, the school will customize recipes based on their physical conditions, so that students can absorb balanced nutrition.Oh?
Score point 1, weekly nutrition recipes for middle school students. Monday: Breakfast: apples, rice, millet, yam porridge, steamed carrots, quail eggs, fresh milk; lunch: pear, rice, green pepper, potato, onion fried meat, shiitake mushrooms, fishPeanut Soup; Dinner: Banana, Polenta, Black Rice Bun, Fried Celery with Walnut Kernels, Soybean Soup with Pork Ribs; Tuesday: Breakfast: Orange, Tomato, Egg, Pork, Noodles, Fresh Milk; Lunch: Watermelon, Steamed Bun, Sesame Spinach, Home-made tofu, beef stew with potatoes; dinner: kiwi, mixed bean porridge, chicken and mushroom soup, sweet and sour strip fish; Wednesday: breakfast: papaya, white lentil yam porridge, pumpkin steamed bun, duck egg, pig liver sauce; lunch:Tomatoes, buckwheat rice, fish-flavored shredded pork, fried rice with prawns, loofah tofu soup; dinner: cantaloupe, black rice porridge, flower rolls, hot and sour potato shreds, peanut stewed trotters; 4, Thursday: breakfast: strawberries, milk cerealPorridge, floss bread, goose eggs, ginger spinach; lunch: pineapple, sweet potato rice, celery stir-fried meat, kung pao chicken, sea rice and winter melon soup; dinner: mango, steamed bun, seaweed radish ribs汤Tofu with tofu; 5, Friday: Breakfast: honeydew melon, rice and amaranth porridge, bean paste, duck eggs, celery with yuba; lunch: papaya, flower roll, sea rice rape, garlic eggplant, braised pork; dinner: banana, gold and silverRolls, fried chicken liver with spinach, seaweed soup; 6, Saturday: Breakfast: orange, spinach, egg, lean meat porridge, steamed buns, kelp shreds; lunch: pears, pancakes, hot and sour potato shredded, garlic stir-fried meat, gastronomy fish head soup; dinner: Watermelon, rice, mung bean rice, cold cucumber, pork belly soup; 7, Sunday: breakfast: peach, carrot, rice porridge, chives steamed bun, fresh milk; lunch: melon, rice, alfalfa leaf meat, walnuts fried three vegetarian,Milk soup catfish; dinner: kiwi, chestnut longan rice porridge, sweet and sour ravioli slices, seaweed rib soup; 8, precautions for recipes for middle school students, it is best not to eat sweets in advance, because there is less activity at night, eat too much sweets and the body absorbsNo, long-term accumulation in the body helps the formation of obesity.

It is best to eat seven full at night, and it is best not to eat fruit after dinner. As the saying goes, fruit is gold in the morning, fruit is silver at noon, fruit is equal to zero at night, and the body will not absorb it if it eats too much fruit at night.nutrition.

There must be a relatively fixed schedule during the diet according to the recipe. After the food is made, you must eat the same amount of everything. You can’t just eat the food you usually like. Do n’t eat the food you do n’t like.

It’s best not to eat snacks every day because those can affect your meal intake.