[Five Spice Soy Beans_Dried Fried Five Spice Soy Beans]

Dried fried spiced soybeans is the most common food in family life, but why some home-made delicious and some taste may not be as you think, in fact, the key lies in some details, some kind of soybeanThe soaking process, as well as its cooking process and frying process, are very particular about it, so you can analyze and introduce it in detail for everyone.

First, the soaking process of soybeans: (the amount of water used to soak soybeans is 1?
2 times, soy bean can fully exert its nutritional value through absorption, which is easier for human body to absorb.


Prepare an appropriate amount of dried soy beans 2.

Add dry soy beans to cold water and soak them one night in advance 3.

Soybeans fully swell up after absorbing water, the volume is about three times that of dry soybeans. The cooking process of soybeans: 1.

Put an appropriate amount of cold water in the pot, add 1 fragrant leaf, 1 piece of cinnamon, 1 star anise, moderate amount of peppercorns, and 1 dried red pepper 2.

Sprinkle an appropriate amount of five spice powder 3.

Add an appropriate amount of salt according to each person’s taste4.

Soak the soy beans into the pot, cover and cook for about 10 minutes5.

Cook until the soybeans are cooked and dry, remove and place on a plate, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil 6.

Stir with chopsticks so that each soybean is evenly wrapped in a layer of olive oil.

Put the wok on the fire and heat the bottom of the wok. Add soy beans and stir-fry with a shovel over medium heat 2.

As the heat of the hot air increases, the surface of the soybeans begins to shrink 3.

Turn to low heat and continue to stir fry with a shovel4.

Fry until the surface of soybeans gradually shrinks, and the color begins to change to golden yellow.

Turn to low heat and continue to stir fry with a small shovel6.

Fry into the pan and make a “cracking” sound of soy beans collision. Turn off the fire when the soy surface has a color of fire.