Six diseases originate from “cannot eat”

Enjoying food is a great joy in life, but if the timing and methods of eating are wrong, it may cause a great hidden danger to the body. Many common diseases are greatly related to incorrect eating patterns.
Let’s take a look at the diet that affects your health.
  Do n’t eat breakfast-it ‘s difficult to live with a long stomach. If you do n’t eat breakfast, it will seriously hurt your stomach, prevent you from working energeticly, and it is easy to “grow old”.
After a long-term follow-up of 7,000 men and women, German researchers found that people who used to skip breakfast accounted for 40%, and their life span was shortened by an average of 2.
5 years old.
In another study of 80-90-year-olds, another university found that one of the common features of their longevity is that they eat a rich breakfast every day, so breakfast foods should be as delicious and appetizing as possible.Pay attention to dry and thin mix, both vegetarian and vegetarian.
  晚餐太丰盛——肥胖、失眠来找你  傍晚时血液中胰岛素的含量为一天中的高峰,胰岛素可使血糖转化成脂肪凝结在血管壁上和腹壁上,晚餐吃得太丰盛,久而久之,人便Get fat.
At the same time, a long and usually rich dinner will destroy the normal biological clock of the human body, which will easily lead to insomnia.
  Dinner must be more vegetarian, especially should eat more fresh vegetables, try to reduce excessive protein and fatty food intake.
Eat less for dinner.
It is generally required that the calories provided for dinner do not exceed 30% of the total calories of the whole day meal.
  Eating raw food is greedy for freshness-The borer in the parasite often eats raw food and can easily cause various parasitic diseases.
If you like fresh food, it is best to drink fresh vegetable juices and fruit juices daily.
Mix fresh vegetables with vinegar and salt.
Eat raw foods such as fruits first, and then eat cooked foods. There will be no increase in white blood cells.
  Do not drink water-it will become stupid. Insufficient drinking water will cause brain aging, induce cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, and affect kidney metabolic function. Therefore, it is recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water a day (ie 1.
5 liters of water).
  Drinking coffee-panic Drinking coffee is prone to heart disease.
Coffee contains high concentration of caffeine, which can change heart function and increase cholesterol in blood vessels. Therefore, it is better for everyone to drink less coffee for health.
  Drinking a lot-suffering from alcoholic liver disease, heavy or frequent drinking, will cause alcoholism in the liver, causing inflammation and swelling, affecting the reproductive and urinary systems.
  You have to learn how to drink when you want to drink.
From a health perspective, drinking red wine is preferred.
It is safer to drink after 2pm every day.
Because in the morning, the enzyme that breaks down alcohol in the stomach, alcohol dehydrogenase, has a low concentration. Drinking the same amount of alcohol is easier to absorb than in the afternoon, causing greater damage to liver and brain organs.
  In addition, you should not drink alcohol on an empty stomach, before bedtime, when you have a cold, or when you are emotional.
A person weighing 60 kg should be allowed to consume less than 60 grams of alcohol per day.
  From the perspective of the metabolism of alcohol, the best side dishes should be used to increase protein and foods with more vitamins. Avoid using salted fish, sausages, and bacon to drink wine, because such smoked foods contain a large amount of pigments and nitrosamines, and they occur with alcohol.The reaction not only hurts the liver, but also damages the oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induces cancer.