Search and rescue accident at Ohio residential building collapse killed 39 people

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, January 3 (Reporter Luan Hai) According to the website of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, rescuers ended their search and rescue work on the collapsed site of a residential building in Magnitogorsk.西安耍耍网 The natural gas explosion causedThe accident killed 39 people.

  The website announced on the 3rd that the search and rescue work had ended and a total of 39 bodies were found, of which 12 were males and 21 were females, and 6 children were killed.

More than 40 psychiatrists from Moscow, Chelyabinsk Oblast, and other places provided psychological counseling services to the relatives and friends of the wounded and the wounded.

  In this rescue, a 10-month-old baby boy was successfully rescued 35 hours after being buried.

Although the baby was frostbite and had a closed head injury, after the emergency treatment in Moscow, the injury was stable and slightly improved.

His mother and another child had escaped from the collapsed building by themselves, and his father escaped the robbery on duty.

  Magnitogorsk City Housing 深圳桑拿网 Management Department said on the 3rd that the explosion and collapsed area placed the seventh unit of the residential building.

Technical inspection shows that the first to fifth units, the ninth to the twelfth units of the residential building can be seen in safe life, but the residents of the sixth and eighth units are currently only allowed to take home items at fixed inputs every day.Then left.

  Magnitogorsk Mayor Berdynikov said on the 3rd that the city’s relevant departments will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the city’s natural gas pipeline network and home gas pipelines to rule out hidden dangers of the accident.

  In the early morning of December 31 in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, western Russia, a natural gas explosion in a residential building caused the collapse of the building’s seventh unit, causing serious casualties.

Russian President Putin went to the scene of the accident to hear the situation report. The Russian Federal Investigation Commission is launching a criminal investigation into the accident.

Original Title: 39 People Killed in Search and Rescue Accident at Collapse Site