[Is it the best ending for a couple to orgasm at the same time]

About both men and women orgasm.

There are too many couples, especially men, who think that the simultaneous orgasm of both spouses is the perfect ending, and they strive for the simultaneous orgasm, but this is not the case.

If both men and women can reach orgasm at the same time during sexual intercourse, it is indeed a fascinating and wonderful state. When women orgasm with men at the same time, the contraction of vaginal muscles is like the contraction of penis.feel.

This fact shows that reaching the orgasm at the same time is the highest natural reward for sexual intercourse, but not every couple can do it, let alone every time they have to do it.

Too many women require two or more orgasms in each single life.

All men who have contributed to high experience can meet the requirements of women and can accurately grasp the progress.

Before the beginning of sexual intercourse, she consciously mobilized Mai’s sexual excitement through caressing methods to make her reach the climax as soon as possible; in case she had reached the climax but her wife had not yet reached it, it could be replaced by aftercare.

Therefore, the success of sex does not have to rely on getting climax at the same time, can not reach at the same time can not say that any 10,000 men and women are not enthusiastic or their relationship is not close enough.

Don’t set the goal of sexual intercourse to reach the climax at the same time, it will lead to the loss of natural sex and become a mechanical operation.

It is better to let things go.

After women are sexually satisfied, men solve their problems. This is the best result.