[Reveal the most dangerous places for women to derail]

Deep in women’s consciousness, there will be more or less unrealistic fantasies about sex. In general, men and women do not take risks easily, but the probability of this happening is allowed by external and internal conditions.Will be greatly improved.

Ten men and nine flowers, in fact, women have some, but it is more implicit, as far as men and women are concerned about the nature of sexual encounters, their views on money, power, and sex are basically the same. The only difference is only an opportunity and courage.problem.

Flowery heart does not necessarily mean being put into action. After all, there are not many romantic people. However, we are facing such an era after all. Let’s take a look at the 7 situations that women most want to derail you: First, encounter the old lover’s thresholdCondition: The husband just beat the married woman.

The old lover became proficient and unforgettable. The two had dinner and both drank some wine.